Friday, January 27, 2012


Finally had time to make the quiche. I got home after school and immediately started. I had never made bacon before. The smell usually makes me nauseous, though I love eating bacon. I think I did an okay job. Neither of us like artichokes or mushrooms, I forgot about them. Actually had to make two separate quiches. I simply split the recipe in half and put each in a regular pie tin. I put peppers in mine and ground beef in Travis’.

It tasted so good I had to sneak a few pieces.
Veggie and Meat

When I heard the timer go off I raced downstairs excited. Half way down the steps I realized something, I forgot to put tin foil on top of the quiche. A little brown on top.  An hour may have been over doing it since I cut the recipe in half. Luckily it was only the top layer that was brown. I enjoyed the quiche, though I don’t think I will cut it in half next time. Travis, on the other hand, thought it was too eggy. Good for breakfast when there is company though.

Just a little burnt on top.
But no problems underneath.

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