Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fence Week 2

So we finished building the fence. It was a lot of work. Travis' brother came down to help, my brother started a new job. So it was us and our parents. We picked up the auger Friday afternoon. We got four holes dug in four hours. Things were not looking good. The auger got stuck several times. Travis and I were nervous that the fence was not going to be finished over the weekend.

Saturday went much better. We started on the other side of the house were the soil wasn't as bad. We managed to work from 9 am until 8 pm and got all of the holes dug and all of the posts in the ground.

Man were we tired Saturday night. Sunday it was just us and Travis' brother. We started putting up pickets.

We thought putting up the pickets would be quick. We had the rails up by noon and figured the pickets would be up quickly. We had a nail gun and it was going well. We had the three long sides up and were working on the fourth side when the coupler on the nail gun blew out. We had to switch to screwing the pickets into the rails. That really slowed us down.

As it was getting dark we started on the 8 foot gate. We ended up finishing the gate with flashlights at 10 pm. We were so sore and mad that the fence wasn't finished. We still had to finish the small gate, the corners, and redo the large gate. Monday was not an option to do anything. We couldn't move we were so tired. Plus the auger had to be back by 8 am.

We did finish the gate. Travis spent his days off finish the corners and the small gate. We redid the big gate. Everything done in time for Mikita to arrive. It was a lot of work but we are really excited with our fence. Plus it only took three trips to Lowe's to finish!