Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breakfast Burritos

So for brunch I made breakfast burritos. I say brunch because Travis doesn’t get out of bed before 11am. That being said he got to help me cook, i.e. he did most of the cooking while I supervised. I used regular beef instead of breakfast sausage because breakfast sausage is really gross in my opinion. I did use bacon. Other than that I only used potatoes and eggs. Travis and I have very different opinions on what is yummy and what is icky. Other then complaining about the calories, Travis liked them and took the leftovers to work. I enjoyed them and think they would be good for camping. Next time I want peppers! 

Penne a La Betsy

When starting this recipe I was little skeptical. I do not like red sauces, but since it was on the list and Travis does like red sauce I decided to try it. I, of course, did substitute chicken for shrimp. Once again I used two chicken breasts and really should have used like four. I did enjoy this dish. The cream made the red sauce delicious. Apparently Travis agreed. When I went to get the leftovers out of the fridge for work, they had all disappeared. In TWO days. A new record for this house. On a side note, I asked Travis what he wanted next week for leftovers and his answer was this and chicken scampi. Yeah two hits that take little effort!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

I had to modify this recipe a little bit, partly because I am lazy and partly because Travis is picky. Instead of all these individual ½ cup diced items, I used a bag of frozen vegetables. I really liked this. I had corn, peas, carrots, and green beans in mine. Since I was using frozen vegetables, I added the chicken broth before the flour. After that I followed the recipe. I still got a really thick gravy. My pie crust however was very sad looking. I also didn’t have a pie pan big enough.

Pie Crust: Good, but I’ll stick with Pillsbury. Less work and just as good.

Pot Pie: I liked it, a lot. Travis was less than thrilled. What he said was really funny (in a text since he had leftovers), but I deleted the text. He thought it needed mashed potatoes. He really is a meat and potatoes guy.
Future: I will probably leave this in the meal planner. Though apparently I will have to add mashed potatoes to it for Travis. I will add a bottom crust though.