Thursday, June 20, 2013

Country Quiche

So now that life has slowed down I finally had time to make one of the recipes from Sweet as Pie. I made the country quiche because I like quiche and it looked easy. I took pictures, but due to technically difficulties none of them will load. Anyway, here is how it came together. I browned the sausage (note, this takes longer then the 10 minutes the recipe says). I then added the rest of the ingredients, but instead of tomatoes I added 2 cups of frozen potatoes.

After mixing the ingredients together I decided to add 4 more eggs, because really 6 was not enough. I baked as instructed. I had a slice and decided that 1 pound of sausage was too much. Plus the quiche didn't fill the pie crust like I expected, despite my extra 4 eggs. Travis and I ate about half of one pie before it was past its life in my fridge. I took the other pie down to Thom, aka the human garbage disposal. I figure him and his roommates would eat anything. They finished it off and liked it.

I don't plan on making this quiche again. Partly because I don't like tomatoes and partly I just wasn't a fan of the overwhelming sausage flavor. I will keep looking for the perfect quiche recipe.