Sunday, January 20, 2013

Garlic and Onion Biscuit Ring

So yesterday Travis and I had a lazy day, but I still had to cook. So I made sloppy joes, potatoes from a bag, and a Garlic and Onion Biscuit Ring, one of our Sweet as Pie Cooking Club pics for the month. I was so lazy I didn't even take pictures. I did get to use my bunt pan for the first time ever. I have had it for years (thanks to someone selling a second home) and it has just sat in the cupboard, so I was kind of excited to use it. This was a very simple recipe. Really just melting butter and dipping the canned biscuits. I used powdered onion instead of chopped because Travis claims he doesn't like onions. I also used powdered garlic since it was just easier, and no poppy seeds because I am not a fan. This baked beautifully and I am eating it the next day. Which is a surprise because I am not usually a fan of these biscuits. Defiantly added to our list of recipes. Makes it look like I spent lots of time creating something when in fact I took five minutes.

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