Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easy Pasta Carbonara

It was my turn to pick a recipe for Sweet as Pie and I picked Easy Pasta Carbonara from the Pampered Chef. Mostly because it is tax season and when I get home I want a quick meal. I actually didn't even have time to make this until a weekend, about three weeks after I meant to.

The original recipe calls for turkey bacon. I decided to go with real bacon. And I went with precooked because although I love bacon, the smell of cooking bacon makes me sick. So I microwaved my precooked bacon, diced it up, and threw it in a pan. I also used onion powder (1 teaspoon) and garlic powder (1/2 teaspoon). If I had used real onion Travis wouldn't try it and I hate buying fresh unless I plan to cook that night. Otherwise things go to waste in my house.

I got everything in the pan when I realized that the evaporated milk I had bought and been used to make brownies last week. Like I said I had meant to make this three weeks earlier. So I had to run to the store for that and a little more chicken stock. My store sells it in 26 oz not 32 oz. Thankfully Meijer is less then a mile from the house.

I also am not sure that it thickened as much as it should have. I was washing dishes while making this. I have had a dishwasher my entire life and two days ago it decided to stop working. I had to had wash a lot of dishes, something I have only had to do one or two dishes at a time in the past. I probably took three times longer than I should have but oh well.

Overall I liked this. The red pepper flakes give it a nice kick. I had three helpings, plus had enough for three left over containers. I will make this again, though we will have to see what Travis thinks. He will just be glad that he isn't taking pizza for leftovers at work.

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