Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whiskey BBQ Sliders

So I am way behind. I have barely cooked. But now all my studying is done (we hope) and I have started a normal life. This started with getting back into Sweet as Pie. This month there were two things I thought I'd try, but I only got around to one of them. I blame the huge amounts of snow and freezing weather. I made these Whiskey BBQ sliders while at mom's one evening before I tutored. Here is how it came together.

First my ingredients. I love Jack so this was exciting for me.
So first I took 2 lbs of beef and mixed it with Worcestershire and salt and pepper. Then I rolled them into 12 patties. I thought this might be too many for the 4 of us but I was very very wrong. In a skillet melt a lot of butter (hey this is a PW recipe). Then put the patties in to brown on both sides.

I was excited that they all fit in the pan.

Remember, just brown. They don't need to be all the way done.
 After the patties are done browning, remove them from the skillet and add a large diced onion.

After the onion, add 1/2 Whiskey. And by whisky I mean Jack Daniels. Because that is whiskey. I didn't have to turn off my flame as PW suggested, I have a flat cook stove. Let that reduce by half and then 2 cups BBQ. I just happened to have Jack. See a theme here. PW says to add jalapenos here. I dislike jalapenos. I would however suggest adding some hot sauce. We didn't and regretted it.

Reduce the heat to low and add the patties. Let the patties finish cooking. Then put the patties (and some sauce) onto slider buns.

Of the 12 sliders, there were only 3 left. And I blame that on my brother eating two hours before I cooked. This was awesome. Needed hot sauce and left a lot of extra sauce. I plan on reusing the sauce and it is currently in the freezer. This will be made a lot in my future, and my mom's.

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