Sunday, August 12, 2012

Knock You Naked Brownies (and a 2nd Work Bench)

On our way home yesterday we stopped to pick up Tyler, Travis' brother. He was visiting to help with yet another project. Poor kid only visits when we have big projects to work on. Apparently he likes my cooking and says its worth it. Travis wanted a build a second work bench to put the drill press and some other drill on. So while they worked on building the table and installing a new outlet, I made Knock You Naked Brownies (a little late for the month). The ingredients have been sitting in my pantry for a month. I wanted to make these because they combine brownies and carmel. July was just busy with graduation and party and school and work.

So while I made the batter.

Travis and Tyler started on the work bench.

The brownies were easy to spread seeing as they were thick. I wish I had known that the carmel would take so long. I would have started that melting while I made the batter. Next time I might make my own carmel. It might be easier, we will have to see how it tastes.

I did not use 60 caramels. I used 45. That was the bag size. Having extra would have been bad because I would have wanted to eat them, and I still have a month before I can eat them. Rolling the dough on a clear, flexible mat was smart. It allowed me to hold the mat over the dough to make sure I had the right size. Also it was easy to just flip the mat over onto the carmel to put the top on the brownies.

See my mat in the back. Love this!
They got the frame built while I baked.

Working hard without me.
Luckily they had to make a run to Menard's while the brownies cooled. By the time they got back the brownies were in the refrigerator. While in the refrigerator, the boys finished the bench. Now on to the new outlet. I tried to stay inside as much as possible during all of this. Tyler thinks its funny to watch Travis and I work together. There is almost always strained voices and eye rolling. And Travis thinks he needs me and I end up standing around bored. So I busied myself with a grocery list and other house work.

The brownies were done long before the bench and outlet were done. Both boys were very glad for the brownies and they are already have gone 24 hours later. Travis' mom liked them too. Think this is a recipe for our bake often list.

Finished (almost) bench.

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