Monday, June 18, 2012

New Computer

So my motherboard finally gave out. Not bad for being at least seven years old, more likely fifteen. So out to Fry's for a new motherboard, upgraded memory, and a bigger hard drive. Sadly my hard drive is currently only 320MB. Opened up a very dusty computer case. I get all the basics plugged in, get the hard drives plugged, and go to plug in my dvd/cd drive. Minor is so old it won't plug into my motherboard. Guess I will go to Best Buy for a new one.

So everything is plugged in and ready for the test turn on. I hook up the power supply and hit the on button. Yeah, it starts! Bad news, it turns off after ten seconds. Finally figure out that I didn't completely plug the power supply into the motherboard (not used to these new ones). Now it turns on and I can get into BIOS just fine. Next step is installing the OS. Put in the cd and get the blue screen of death. Apparently my cd is damaged. Have to buy a new version of Windows and while I am at it probably should update to Microsoft 2010. Out to Fry's for that.

Yeah, everything is finally up and running. RAID set up, Windows loaded, and starting to load programs. I have a nice, new, clean computer to work on now. Yeah!

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